The History of Our Company

April, 1949 Founded by private organization of Yoshinaga Gumi (team) for the purpose of construction works of railway signal security facilities.
April, 1966 Established Showa Denki Kouji Co., Ltd.
June, 1992 Appointed Mr. Katumi Yoshinaga to President.
May, 2003 Appointed Mr.Takashi Yoshinaga to President and Mr. Katumi Yoshinaga to Chairman.
April, 2004 Moved head office to new location at Yakuouji, Koga city.Changed name of company to Showatecs Co., Ltd. as well as revision of Company’s logo.
September,  2006 The incentive fund application has been adopted for the venture challenge support business promoted by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.We have started the development for practical use of the rail bond.
November, 2009 Japan Railway Corporation made decision to start their working with ST Type HP Rail Bond.
April, 2010 Awarded “Excellent Prize” to ST type rail bond at the 22nd new products & new technology grand prizes for medium-sized and small companies.
September, 2010 Announced the soldering material for each rail joint method. This is environment friendly as the successful working examples on the partnership with Government and Private sectors. It was announced at the optimizing forum of Kyushu-Okinawa Regional Public Test Authority & Industrial Research- Development Laboratory.
May, 2011 Appointed Mr. Katsumi Yoshinaga to Chairman and CEO.Appointed Mr. Ken-ichi Yoshinaga to Executive Managing Director and Mr. Takashi Yoshinaga to Senior Advisor Director.
September, 2013 On the subject of the Rail Bond, three members of our company have been awarded to Excellent Prize at 5th Japan Manufacturing Grand Prize.
May, 2014 Appointed Mr. Ken-ichi Yoshinaga to President, CEO and Mr. Katumi Yoshinaga to Chairman of the Board.


This photo shows the site of signal security facilities at Nagasaki Haiki, railway station yard just after completion of recovery hard work in 6 months amazing period. This railway station and its yard completely destroyed under flood water due to the heavy rain storm attacked to Nagasaki prefecture in 1948. ( The man standing at left end is late Mr. Haruji Yoshinaga, founder of our company )

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