Total Solution of Railway Signal System and Track Circuit

Suggestion from ShowaTecs

1. What is track circuit?

Basic concept of railway signal system is to detect the train.  This is to detect the position of train in order to control the operation as well as control of running train under the signal system.

The unit of detecting the train is to be called track circuit. ( Refer to Figure 1 )  This track circuit is consisting of power source, power supply cable, rail itself ( standard length of rail: 25meters ), transfer touch bond for connecting the power supply cable to rail itself, rail bond for joint fixing each rail electrically, relay component for detecting the train and joint cable between relay and rail.  The distance of track circuit will be in vary from 10 meters in the station yard to several kilo meters between each station.  Rail for train consists of track circuit has always activation of current in order to detect the train.  In such condition, it is able to detect the train position by means of train axle shut off the conducting current on the rail. ( This is contact type detection system )

In addition to current for detecting the train, it has driving current for the train at the rail itself.

On this condition, if track circuit has gone to failure, it is not able to operate the train properly.  This is one of our says  ”Signal System Trouble”  which will cause the delay of train time schedule.
This track circuit is to be one of most important system sustaining the infrastructure of railway facilities.

Truck Circuit

Fig. 1 Track Circuit



Train Line Current

Fig.2 Train Line Current


2. Question of track circuit

Rail has to hold heavy weight of train as well as conducting current.  During the train runs over, the rail always get serious vibration which is far excess civilian demand level.   In this situation, rail bond and wearing bond get damage gradually with this vibration. This is big question of durability of these bonds.

In addition to above, it will get the condition of unable to detect the train because of rusty trouble on the rail in particularly at slack railway section and siding lead track.

3. Effort in our company

We have involved in working of railway signal system many years since the generation of mechanical type only applied. Further, we used to have experiences in the field of metallurgy.  In these our various experiences, it was successful to discover new idea of solution for problems such as detect error caused by the rusty of rail in the track circuit to be happened on old working style.
We did develop the idea for rail bond and rail brazing to solve the many problems of detecting error with rail rusty.
These new ideas for solution will be also useful for environment friendly in the railway industry.

4. Suggestion from our company

We are now having knowhow of railway technology improving the railway operation quality and stable operation at the track circuit.
The rail bond and rail brazing technology eliminate current short circuit trouble on the track circuit.
It will be our great pleasure to offer total engineering works covering technology of high quality products, working process, maintenance, etc. so that it might be possible for us to build up more stable condition for infrastructure such as track circuit.
This infrastructural system is to be very important in the railway industry.


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