Evaluation of durability with vibration.

1. Rail vibration test in the real condition

In the fiscal year of 2007, we entrusted production of vibration test machine To Railway Technical Research Institute after adopting to start up incentive project at Ministry of Economy and Industry.
This machine is to be simulated with the real vibrating value at the time of measuring for the running train in Kagoshima main railway.
We are doing evaluation of the durability of bond with this machine.

view of the vibration test machine

Position of rail bond test

This machine is to set with average of vibrating acceleration at 1.2 to 1.8 million G which is equivalent to same as that of severe vibration section of Kagoshima main railway.
In case of Kagoshima main railway, total weight of running over train is to be 20 million tons annual basis. On the basis of 10 tons of one train coach, it will be equivalent to 2 million times hitting annual basis. This machine makes hitting 20 times per a second.
It means that it takes 28 hours until 2 million hitting which is same as the durability within one year at Kagoshima main railway. (total runing trains weight will be 20 million tons annual basis.)

2. Evaluation of durability

We are targeting the clear the 28 hours test (equivalent to one year on the above condition) for duration of HP type rail bond and remaining rate of brazing part shall be more than 60 per cent(average value)all over the bonded area immediately after clearing above 28 hours test.
On our experience, it will take about 10 hours for proceeding peel off until 20 per cent remains.
It will take about 8 months until the destroy if it is based on 60 percent remain rate. (it is destroyed at 20 percent remain rate of brazed part)


Foot note 1: According to “New rail bond connection method” of Railway General Laboratory Facilities Study News issued in year of 2007, it was no bond to clear the 20 million hitting test.

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