Taking care and soldering main points

HP type rail bond is soldering method. The factors of soldering can be of various listed and there is individual own manual for working this method.

The factors of soldering works will be 1) heat up the prime material more than melting temperature of solder.  2) select proper solder and flux. 3) finish soldering part to almost flat condition because terminal is flat shape and so on.

  1. Prime material means the rail and the bond terminal. In the process of HP type, period of heat up time is to be latest because heat up the rail is to be transferred via solder after heating the terminal.
    • During the heating up, solder is going to melt and soaking out to terminal periphery.
      In this timing, the rail temperature is not increased yet (less than 200 degree C).
      It is necessary to heat up continuously. ( this is very important )
    • In order to keep on it, we made decision for period of heat up time. Further in this case, we did appoint for burner nozzle and acetylene gas for burner as heat source.
  2. Soldering material has been developed with consideration of working method on the support by Machinery and Electronics Laboratory of Fukuoka Prefecture Industrial Technology Center.
    This is used by ternary eutectic alloy of Sn-Ag-Zn as well as flux suitable to match with this metal.
  3. It is necessary to grind surface of rail for removing rust at the fixing position of bond terminal as well as almost flat surface is to be needed because of brazing with flat surface.  On this purpose, we prepared the gauge for confirming this flatness.
    • If it is proper condition of heating, solder soaks into the slit by flux activation.
      Therefore it does not need perfect flatness in this position.
    • It will be difficult to make flatness if it grinds deeply.
      It can be done likely to remove rust.
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