Tool and material

There are some own tools and materials for HP type bond method.

1. Crimp tools

This tool is to fix bond terminal to the rail.
It is to pinch the bond and fix it with proper spring pressure.
Depending on the fixing position of the bond, we make own special tool for proper working.

1) For fixing head part (H2)

Pinch and one touch type

2) For fixing body part (B1)

Pinch and one touch type

頭部用はさみ式 H2 腹部用はさみ式 B1

3) For common use of head and body part (H1)

This is changeable length of tool to easy work for head and body.

頭部・腹部共用 H1-2 頭部・腹部共用 H1-3

4) For fixing rail bottom (B50)

It is possible to run the train on the rail still with this fixing tool.  (for common use to head part and body part)

底部固定用 B50 伸縮レール用 S1

5) For expandable rail (S1)

It is able to change width of tool H1 terminal fixing tool.  (for common use to head and body)



2. Others

1) Gauge

This is tool for confirming the smoothness at grinding part.


2) Sheet solder

This is needed for reusing the bond terminal.

Foot note 1: It should follow the procedure on instruction manual if it is
reused. (heat up peel off, washing terminal, use of sheet solder,etc.)


3) Flux

This is for Sn-Ag-Zn solder.

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