What is the Rail Bond?

Rail bond is one of components consisting the track circuit and to connect each rail electrically.  How is it applied actually ?

This is to be used as trans touch bond for sending or taking out current to the rail.

track circuit

Fig. 1 Track Circuit

Rail bond

Rail bond

Trans touch bond

Trans touch bond


Next,  what kind of rail bond available mainly ?

  • 1) Low temperature soldering connection type
  • 2) Welding type
  • 3) Making hole type

Above categories are to be used commonly.

  • 1) Low temperature connection type: it is not durable but easy to fix and taking out.
  • 2) Welding type: it is good durable but no possible to taking out or fixing again due to welded. In addition, it gives very high temperature to the rail at the time of welding and arises metamorphic structure. (It is too risky for creating harmful structure such as martensite in the rail)
  • 3) Making hole type: it is simple method which is merit but it gives also demerit such as increment of connecting resistance due to loose fixing bolt and requirement for making hole in advance and so on.


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