Possibility of rail brazing and future development

1. Possibility of rail brazing

Rail brazing method has been adopted since old time for provision against detecting error of train at the track circuit.  But, this scope of application is to be limited due to the risk of heat affection to the rail. On the other hand, it was possible to eliminate such heat affection problem with silver alloy brazing method.  It means that we are able to expect the expansion for scope of application with brazing method.

For instance, contact type detection is to be used to rail crossing control.  At moment, this is excepted for application by rail brazing because almost rail crossings locate in the main railway.

Usually, it is no concerned about control mistake at rail crossing facilities because of taking dual safety system for detecting train with both contact type and non contact type.

2. Pursuit of safety and economically matters

We are always thinking over ideas for both improving safety and more economically possibilities. Consequently, we would like to offer our suggestion in order to expand the scope of application for rail brazing works.

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